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Un humanista italiano en Sevilla: Ciudades, Arquitectura y Paisaje, in Arquitectura y jardines en el Alcázar de Sevilla, eds. Ana Maria Fidalgo and Carlos Plaza, 2015
“Capella Sistina” and “Disegni dal Codice Coner” in Michelangelo: Architetto a Roma, ed. Mauro Mussolin
Drawing in the Void: The Space Between the Sketchbook and the Treatise
Designing What you Cannot Draw: Michelangelo and the Laurentian Library (in Alessandro Nova and Golo Maurer, eds., Michelangelo e il linguaggio dei disegni di architettura)
Michelangelo’s Laurentian Library, Music, and the Affetti
Michelangelo, Architecture, and the Stingray (in Subject as Aporia in Early Modern Art) eds. Nagel and Pericolo
Reconstruction as Design: Giuliano da Sangallo and the ‘palazzo di mecenate’ on the Quirinal Hill
Architecture, History, Archaeology: Drawing Ancient Rome in the Letter of Leo X and in Sixteenth-Century Practice
The Renaissance Reception of the Alhambra in the Letters of Andrea Navagero and the Palace of Charles V
Architecture, Texts, and Imitation in Late Fifteenth- and Early Sixteenth-Century Rome, in Architecture and Language, ed. Georgia Clarke and Paul Crossly, (Cambridge University Press, 2000), 82-101
Interview with James Ackerman, Art Bulletin

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